KW is the absolutely the best suspension for your car, but it comes at a price

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So, you just bought a new car that the manufacturer said was sporty to drive, but after a few months, you are already looking for something better? Maybe the response of chassis is not suited to your needs? Don’t worry, we’ve all been in the same boat and happily, there’s an easy solution. It’s called Eibach Springs – the most popular product from the company that is almost always associated with better driving experience and a lot of won races in F1, LeMans, NASCAR and WRC.

Recommended supplier Eibach in the UK:

It may sound like magic, but Eibach Springs can really improve the performance of your car and depending on the model you choose, the difference can be huge. Why is that you ask? Eibach is using much higher quality materials and advanced production process on their springs, which give better responsiveness, less body roll and higher stability, without sacrificing ride comfort too much. Other than gaining on agility in the bends, Eibach Springs can even improve braking performance – the nose of the car will not dive as much and thanks to that, the distance will be shorter.

And it’s not only about outright performance. With Eibach Springs, you, as a driver, will have better feel behind the steering wheel. The car will react on the inputs much faster – it will be like driving a go-kart. Every Eibach spring will also lower your car, from 40 to 50 mm depending on the model. This will give it a sportier stance. Combine it with bigger alloys and you will have quite a looker.

To be honest, a lot of suspension manufacturers say that their models improve on driving experience without sacrificing ride quality, but not everybody delivers like Eibach does. Their experience in the field is really long and all of their products have racing technology in them that won numerous races in the most popular racing series. You really get the highest-grade components when buying from these guys.

Overview Eibach assortiment:

Anyway, for best possible change in chassis performance, if your wallet allows that, you should always go with a full suspension upgrade – springs and dampers together. Eibach has their own packages, but you can always combine Eibach Springs with dampers from other manufacturers, like Bilstein for example. Front and rear stabilizers will improve upon the driving experience even more, so be sure to check Eibach’s products in this category as well.

Eibach springs

Eibach has a variety of suspension products, including Street Performance parts for sporty driving on the road, Truck & Jeep Performance for better off-road drivability, and Motorsport Springs & Accessories and Powersport Springs & Accessories for real racing. Their parts are available for almost every popular car model on the planet, especially for vehicles that are popular with the enthusiast market. As always, be sure to check with your nearest dealers for a discount and availability for your car model.