Astra GTE 8v in tart red


Astra GTE 8v
1.3L Diamond

This started life as a cheap car which I then tuned up for fun. It was always a shed but suprisingly fun to drive.


A much better idea. A classic hot hatch. Criticized by many but a provider of much entertainment.

BMW 318iS (E30 1990 model)
Coming soon! A step down in power but finally a CWD (correct wheel drive) car. Cheap to run and a really really fun car to drive.

UPDATE: This car is really, really good. Totally standard, but I love it. Driving satisfaction guaranteed.
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This is about both three cars that I've owned, all daily drivers..
I started this web site so that I could tell you what I've learnt about car tuning. It's been thrown together late at night with the emphasis on content rather than presentation.

 I finally sold the Astra in April 2005 after engine problems and having it stolen and then recovered. The time had come to move on and I was not sad to see it go. The shell was sold complete to a buyer in Scotland, whilst the engine was broken for bits and sold on Ebay.
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